Our beautiful handmade laser cut woodland themed bunting. Perfect décor for any bedroom. Cut from a variety of red and blue and patterns to create a beautiful colour pallet and train theme. You have a choice of either red or blue bows at the end to finish it off

** PLEASE NOTE** We found to create the perfect bunting you need a minimum of 5 embellishments for the bunting to lay right. This means if you choose a 3 or 4 letter name you will receive a train and carriage embellishments, one at either end of the name.

Here at nellies wooden workshop we have adopted a range of our very techniques using the art of Laser cutting and Engraving to create a striking, avant-garde, three-dimensional Finish.
All our products are handmade one piece at a time, using carefully sourced materials. It is therefore impossible to make identical items. Every effort is made to create only the best. However there will be natural blemishes that should not be misconstrued as flaws. THESE ARE WHAT MAKE EACH ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART CHARMING, INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE!

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3 Letters + 2 front and end train, 4 Letters + 2 front and end of train, 5 Letters, 6 Letters, 7 Letters, 8 Letters, 9 Letters, 10 Letters


Red, Blue